Commercial Solar


Every commercial solar system is custom designed for grid-tied use. Our team develops, installs, and monitors commercial solar systems, and we assist customers as they determine their return on investment, apply for rebate incentives, and locate system financing. Our skilled teams manage your installation project from beginning to end including permits and inspections.

Many Texas companies are moving ahead with solar in order to reduce operating costs, lower tax liability through government credits and accelerated depreciation, and increase revenues by standing out from competitors.


We offer comprehensive solar solutions and total project management from start to finish. Our team’s will provide zero-cost site analysis, system design and engineering, permitting, rebate application, financing, installation, inspections as well as any necessary servicing and maintenance.

Our desire is to maximize your investment in commercial solar energy. We’ll custom design a proposal and provide a free in-person site survey. We also provide a proposed system layout as well as the savings benefits, tax credit and rebate benefits, financing concepts, a performance overview, your own 24/7 system monitoring, and timeline to completion. Our teams will handle all the “paperwork” including rebate incentive applications, permitting, utility interconnection agreements, net-metering applications, and electrical and building permits.

Your commercial system will be specifically developed to meet your company’s needs and take into account the uniqueness of your building’s structure. Our teams will consider all zoning restrictions and mounting specificities to ensure that the system is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Additionally, our skilled and professional teams will provide detailed craftsmanship with on every detail of your solar panel installation. Reach out to us today to schedule a free on-site evaluation. We’ll provide all the details you need to know about solar’s ability to reduce operating expenses, reduce your tax liability, and provide lasting sustainability.


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